Being a Supervisor is all about making good decisions about our turf (land) and treasure (county funds). We invest in moving our community forward by ensuring families spend more time with each other than they do sitting in traffic. We invest in the next generation by ensuring equity in our schools and by valuing our teachers & support staff as the stewards of the future they are. We invest in our community by bringing good jobs and by uplifting those who need a helping hand.

Work with the School Board to:

  • Create and execute a plan to reduce class sizes and eliminate trailers, including investing $174M into new schools.
  • Ensure we attract – and retain – the best teachers and school personnel with salaries and working conditions better than those of neighboring jurisdictions while beginning the long process of making up for lost raises.
  • Address facility and security disparities between newer and older schools through renovations and improvements.  
  • Expand Pre-K options in the school division with $6M which will be matched.

Fair, inclusive housing policies are the only way to ensure people can afford to pay rent. As Supervisor, Kenny will continue to focus on affordable housing and will work with government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and community organizations to make the county a more welcoming, safe, and fair place to live for everyone. Kenny will also work to end homelessness in our community, especially among children and veterans.

Kenny will advocate for the creation of a Rent Control & Affordable Housing Citizen Advisory Board which will bring together homeowners, tenants and other residents to address the rising cost of living in Prince William County. Based on this board’s feedback, all options are on the table including a Housing Trust Fund, tax incentives for affordable housing units for landlords, and bonus density for requiring developers to retain a portion of all new residential development as affordable housing / rent controlled.

Work with government agencies, non-profit organizations, and community organizations to:

  • Expand access to diversionary programs and workforce training.
  • Increase accessibility of services for returning citizens, those struggling substance abuse, and members of our community with special needs or mental health challenges.
  • Ensure that our district’s assisted living facilities and aging adult communities have the resources they need.
  • Establish a second Community Services Board for the eastern end of Prince William County.

Work with transit authorities, state legislators, and transportation agencies to:

  • Ease congestion on Old Bridge Rd, Yates Ford Rd, Davis Ford Rd by widening roads, creating dedicated lanes and pull-offs for buses, and by creating more walkable (and bikeable) communities. Increase coordination between rush hour bus service with school bus routes.
  • Increase transit options by creating an extensive cross-county bus system with first mile/last mile shuttle service, bike lanes, as well as stations for ebikes.
  • Support a study for extending Metro to Prince William County and overall transit expansion such as the VRE.
  • Connect neighborhoods and build more sidewalk connections between major areas of interest (shopping centers, schools, etc) to improve walkability.

Grow and diversify our commercial tax base to reduce reliance on residential property taxes and burden on homeowners.

Promote a progressive tax code to allow us to adequately invest in education, transit, and other areas. Audit and rethink the county’s entire budget — line-by-line — to ensure our tax dollars are being spent in the best places.

As Supervisor, Kenny will enact policies that will diversify job base, including data centers, technical and tech jobs, etc. He will invest in the kinds of amenities, infrastructure and quality of life improvements desired by companies like Amazon. Create a Business Development and Innovation Ombudsman who addresses challenges to the business community.

Kenny will also advocate for the creation of a Diversity Business Council, who will work to advise the Board of Supervisors on strategies to track, promote and grow minority-owned, women-owned, veteran-owned, immigrant-owned, and other types of businesses.

Renewed focus on mixed use development and walkable communities. Create and execute a Clean Power Plan to make Prince William County fossil-fuel free by 2035. Renewed focus on redeveloping existing shopping centers and community centers rather than razing land to create new ones. Kenny is in favor of C-PACE funding programs for businesses, houses of worship, non-profits and developers to build or renovate their existing structures with green infrastructure and the latest energy efficiency principles.

Kenny will also focus on preserving the green spaces, natural resources and historic resources of the county. Expanding the number of publicly-accessible trails and green ways are another priority. Finally, Kenny will seek to expand the amount of projects given to organized labor, including advocating for PLAs for all publicly-funded projects whenever possible

Work with local law enforcement and first responders to ensure proper investment in law enforcement while emphasizing diversionary and prevention programs. Fully fund our fire & rescue needs while exploring additional collaboration between career and volunteer fire brigades. Ensure EMTs and other medical first responders have the resources and compensation to work where they live.

Kenny also is in favor of establishing a public defenders office in Prince William County to provide dedicated professional defense for county residents, regardless of criminal history or documentation status. Kenny is in favor of Prince William County re-establishing a Drug Court, which would specialize in diverting and rehabilitating drug offenders instead of incarcerating them with the general offender population.

Ending any existing partnerships with Immigration & Customs Enforcement which use local tax dollars and/or local law enforcement to enforce federal immigration laws. Update the county’s nondiscrimination policy to include sexual orientation and gender identity. Explore ways to make all public buildings more accessible to people with disabilities.

Kenny would seek to bring diversity not only to the County Board of Supervisors, but also to the various boards and commissions Supervisors may appoint citizens to. The goal would be for these commissions to reflect the diversity of our county, which is the largest majority-minority locality in Virginia.

Finally, Kenny would work with the PWC Human Rights Commission and community organizations to create a Truth & Reconciliation Commission on Race, with the stated mission of bringing together historians, experts and community members. Real discussions on the history of racism and xenophobia in our county would be discussed, along with steps to heal our community from that history.